Concrete ground beams save costly relocation of services

X-350 End Terminal is a legacy product

With the smooth installation of guardrail systems by contractors often dictated by the ground conditions and underground services in the vicinity, CSP has been working to assist Opus in New Plymouth to find a more cost effective way to ensure safety and prevent expensive relocation of services for barrier post installations.

“We have had three jobs recently, in and around Taranaki, that have required Nu-Guard® 31 steel post guardrail system to be installed on concrete ground beams as the normal installation of driven posts would affect underground services,” says Stephen Chamberlain, Construction Manager for Downer New Plymouth. “Each of these instances would have meant quite a big bill for the Council and the New Zealand Transport Agency if they’d had to relocate these services.”

“Just because there are services below doesn't mean we can’t make it work,” explains Jeremy Mallender, Sales Engineer - Lower North Island for CSP. “The posts can be installed using a concrete ground beam that runs above the services in question and the installation is still compliant.”

Stephen says that concrete ground beams are being used more and more for post foundations as the cost to move services - particularly fibre optic cable - can be very high, and often there just isn’t any room in the corridor for the relocation.

“It’s good for people to know that there are options for situations like this and to give us a call as we can help,” adds Jeremy.

“Working with Jeremy from CSP on these sites and in general is great,” adds Stephen. “He’s a good bloke and a book of knowledge for the industry. His assistance makes things possible.”

Principle:NZ Transport Agency and New Plymouth District Council
Contractor:Downer, New Plymouth
Consultant:Opus, New Plymouth
Location:Omata, SH3; Tariki Road near Inglewood and Mugridge Road, SH3
Product:Nu-Guard® 31 Guardrail System & X-350 Terminal Ends
DateFebruary 2017

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