CSP barrier solutions protect new static speed camera network

In 2017, 379 people died on New Zealand roads – the highest annual number of road deaths since 2009. As part of its plan to tackle this concerning trend the NZ Police, in conjunction with NZ Transport Agency’s Safety Team, have implemented a Static Camera Expansion Programme (SCEP) as part of the Government’s Safer Journeys road safety strategy. The project has identified locations on the road network with a proven history of fatal and serious injury speed related crashes and aims to expand the static safe speed camera fleet to 56 high crash risk locations across the road network.

While targeted publicity increases awareness, research consistently shows that Police enforcement is a crucial part of improving compliance with speed limits and reducing death and serious injury on our roads.

In mid-2017 Downer was awarded the contract from the NZ Transport Agency for the SCEP, which has involved updating existing sites and the installation of new camera locations throughout the country.

Phillip Orth, Project Manager for Downer says that it’s been a big and involved project with camera site locations from Kamo in the north to Dunedin. “Each site identified as a high risk location for crashes has been quite different in that depending on whether it was in a rural, high speed zone or on an urban road with a lower speed limit, the installations required different elements.”

Cameras at each location are column-mounted, meaning the appropriate barrier solution to protect both the expensive camera technology and motorists in the event of an impact was required.

“The cameras were sourced by Police and we supplied and installed the housing and the columns,” explains Phillip. “The camera technology enables the data to be retrieved remotely from each camera site.”

Opus Consultants worked on the engineering required for the individual locations of each of the camera sites to ensure the road safety barrier fitted the location and barrier installation was managed by Glyn Skelton from G Skelton Contracting.

“We have installed mostly Nu-Guard® 31 Guardrail System and X-350 Terminal End from CSP on these sites,” explains Glyn. “Generally things have gone very smoothly. We did have a bit of rock in some locations but it has gone very well. CSP, as usual, has been great to deal with which really helps.”

For more information about the SCEP click here.

Principle:NZ Transport Agency and NZ Police
Consultant:Opus Consultants
Product:Nu-Guard® 31 Guardrail System and X-350 Terminal End
DateFebruary 2018

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