CSP’s new Nu-Guard PVB a good choice

The Humphreys Drive and Ferry Road intersection in Christchurch is considered to be a main arterial for the city catering to approximately 30,000 vehicles over a typical day. In the five years leading up to improvements made to the intersection by Downer NZ on behalf of Christchurch City Council, 37 accidents were reported to police – predominantly involving vehicles turning right from Ferry Road.

Another major issue at the intersection has been vehicles travelling to or from Humphreys Drive losing control on the bend. This issue was temporarily solved with the installation of guardrail at the intersection to offer some protection to vehicles themselves - and to the medical centre that was threatened by collision from out of control vehicles. This temporary measure was upgraded, during the recent intersection improvements, to CSP’s new Nu-Guard PVB Steel Guardrail System.

Nu-Guard PVB is a joint pedestrian and vehicle barrier that was developed for use by SCRIT for the Christchurch rebuild. Derived from the proven highway guardrail system Nu-Guard 31™, this barrier system provides protection for all road users for local authority roads where the posted speed limit is below 70kph.

“The Nu-Guard PVB ground driven system fully meets residential building code requirements,” says Ian Rowland, Sales Engineer – Upper South Island for CSP. “Opus specifically selected this system for this location.”

“This is the first time I have installed CSP’s new Nu-Guard PVB system,” says Jamie Clark from JC Contracting - the barrier installation company involved in the improvements. “It is a great product as it not only protects motorists but pedestrians as well. It also looks really good. I can see this system being used in a lot more locations in the future.”
Principle:Christchurch City Council
Customer:Downer NZ
Contractor:JC Contracting
Location:Humphreys Drive and Ferry Road intersection in Christchurch
Product:Nu-Guard PVB Steel Guardrail System
DateDecember 2012

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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