CSP’s Tamaki Streetlight Columns spruce up Onehunga Mall

The Onehunga Mall Road in Auckland has evolved considerably over the years, morphing from a road to a pedestrian mall and back again – with more change to come. The Auckland City Council Plan has identified that Onehunga as a town centre will experience significant change over the next 30 years, prompting the commencement of the Onehunga Mall Streetscape Project. The aim of the project is to extend and improve the quality of the upper section of Onehunga Mall by upgrading the streetscape – including brand new, stylish ‘Tamaki’ streetlight columns from CSP.

The streetscape improvement is hoped to increase foot traffic and, in turn, economic activity in the northern section of the Onehunga Mall. It is also intended to reduce driver speeds, provide safer crossings and generally improve the feel of the neighbourhood. To achieve the Council’s goals, the project includes new footpaths, two new kerb build-out areas to provide new crossing points, new street furniture, trees and ‘Tamaki’ streetlight columns.

“We have worked with CSP a lot over the years and we find them a very good and reliable supplier,” said Phillipa Fischer, Project Manager for Northpower, who was responsible for the installation of the columns. “We are always happy to work with them.”

CSP’s ‘Tamaki’ streetlight column was first designed for Auckland’s Tamaki Drive, which is one of the city’s most attractive and high profile routes. “The design was chosen by Auckland City Council a few years back when work first began on the lighting upgrade of Tamaki Drive,” said Bruce Stephens, Sales Engineer Auckland/Northland for CSP. “It’s a very elegant and slender round column which includes a banner arm with a 2m outreach. This column has become so popular that it is now part of our standard range and is known as the ‘Tamaki’ streetlight column.”

CSP manufactured 18, eight metre high columns for the upgrade. “Everything went pretty smoothly except for a minor hiccup when it was found a heritage tree would be affected by the installation of a column in one location,” adds Bruce. “We were able to, in a very short lead time right before Christmas, manufacture a shorter 4.5m column specifically for that spot so the project could keep moving along.”

“The Tamaki columns are really easy to work with as they are nice and large, which makes them easier to install,” explains Phillipa. “CSP delivered them on time and they went in really well. This helped us deliver the project on time - which is what we all try to do. It helps when our suppliers do it right.”
Customer:Auckland City Council
Contractor:Northpower Limited
Location:Onehunga Mall Road, Onehunga
Product:Tamaki Streetlight Columns
DateFebruary 2016

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