CSP’s Universal TAU-II™ makes a difficult location safe

Universal TAU-II™ Crash Cushion is a legacy product

A retro upgrade and replacement of a crash cushion just north of Johnsonville on SH1 called for the installation of CSP's Universal TAU-II™ crash cushion. The original crash cushion was not fully protecting the gantry sign situated between two motorway lanes and the south bound off ramp to Johnsonville in Wellington.

"The consultants at MWH requested that we provide a solution to the existing crash cushion so that it would sufficiently protect the gantry sign," said Jeremy Mallender, Area Sales Manager, Lower North Island for CSP. "The existing crash cushion was inadequate to protect the hazard from all angles."

CSP's Universal TAU-II™ is designed for use in difficult locations where the most demanding performance is necessary. It is tested and approved to NCHRP 350, Test Level 3 (TL-3) testing conditions for hazard widths up to 2.6 metres.

Jeremy explains, "the engineer specified a wider version of crash cushion that could withstand an impact of at least 110kph, which meant the Universal TAU-II™ was the only crash cushion available that met the tough criteria."

"It's a hell of a busy site and it was difficult for contractors Fulton Hogan to work in such a tight location," added Jeremy. "They were required to work at night to avoid heavy peak hour traffic flows. This particular Universal TAU-II™ was required to have a large flare to allow it to surround the gantry and it was required to attach to the guardrail continuing down the motorway."

With CSP's new Universal TAU-II™ crash cushionsuccessfully installed on this busy section of SH1 motorists can rest assured this section of motorway is now safe for all.

Principle:New Zealand Transport Agency
Contractor:Fulton Hogan, Wellington
Engineer:MWH Wellington
Location:SH1, Johnsonville, Wellington
Product:Universal TAU-II™
DateAugust 2010

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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