Engineering challenges on Southern Motorway

Two streetlight columns that flanked the overbridge at Takanini on Auckland’s Southern Motorway were past due for replacement when CSP’s Engineers were called in by Fulton Hogan to work on a solution.

“The columns were old steel pipe columns that were out of code and basically falling apart,” said Craig Kitchen, Area Sales Manager, Columns for CSP. “Fulton Hogan called us in to see if it was possible to custom build a lighting column that could be fixed at road level and be attached to the overbridge above.”

CSP’s Engineering team worked closely with the Fulton Hogan staff over the challenging task and came up with a design that addressed all the issues.

“The columns needed foundations at road level on Great South Road, underneath the bridge, and then required a bracket at mid height to attach to the bridge. They also needed to extend 12m above the motorway, on top of the overbridge itself, so the overall height of the columns ended up at 18.5 metres,” explains Craig. “The bracket system that fixed to the bridge had to be adjustable to enable Fulton Hogan to orientate the outreach correctly over the motorway lanes on the overbridge.”

Paul Kriletich, Power & Lighting Manager for Fulton Hogan says, “The CSP staff did a great job designing and supplying the two custom made Oclyte™ Streetlight columns which we have just successfully finished installing at the Takanini motorway overbridge. The streetlight columns and bridge attachment brackets all slotted into place perfectly on the night we installed them, it made our job a breeze. Also the finished product on site looks excellent.”

“It was a challenging engineering task, but we came up with a design that not only works but looks fantastic,” added Craig.
Principle:New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
Contractor:Fulton Hogan
Location:Takanini Overbridge Auckland’s Southern Motorway
Product:Custom made Oclyte™ Streetlight columns
DateJune 2010

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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