Hire barriers a key to safety on SH20 – 1 project

In the past Wiri Station Road in Manukau City has been the only link to SH20. A new 4.8km motorway now connects SH20 at its existing end at the Puhinui interchange to SH1 just south of Manukau City and forms the southern end of the Western Ring Route. The $210 million project, constructed by Leighton Works - a joint venture between Leighton Contractors and Downer EDI Works - began in 2006 and is almost complete, with the motorway being opened progressively from August through to December 2010.

Benefits of the Manukau Extension project include improved access to and from Auckland International Airport, more reliable commute times and considerable relief to local roads within the Manukau City Centre area.

SH20 -1 is an integral part of the Western Ring Route which, when completed in 2015, will allow traffic to completely bypass Auckland and the Harbour Bridge by linking the Southern Motorway (SH1) at Manukau City to the Southwestern Motorway (SH20), the Northwestern Motorway (SH16) and the Upper Harbour Motorway (SH18) before rejoining the Northern Motorway (SH1) at Constellation Drive.

Hire barriers a key to safety on SH20 – 1 project

“With the size of this project, traffic management of the local roads, bridges and sections of motorway that still operating during the project was a very big job,” said David Russell, Hire Manager for CSP. “Leighton Works have, during the course of the entire project, hired a considerable number of our barriers to cordon off work zones for the protection of their staff, contractors and the public. They have used our TL-1 and TL-2 Plastic Water Filled Barriers, TL-4 Steel Barrier, ABSORB 350™ Crash Cushions and our Pedestrian Barricades.”

“NZTA’s Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management (COPTTM) is very clear about what level of compliant barrier is required when taking into account traffic volumes and speeds,” said Jeff Roberts, Traffic Manager for Leighton Contractors. “Health & Safety is our number one priority, there are no shortcuts in temporary traffic management. In conjunction with our non-negotiable requirements in the Leighton Construction Safety Essentials handbook, we have made sure that we proactively managed the TTM risk and eliminated the need for project personnel to be in close proximity or adjacent to live traffic with the use, in this case, of CSP Hire Barriers."

Jeff explains “with the project approximately 95% complete, there is still some complex work to be done opening the westbound service road between Cavendish Drive and Puhinui Road. This new link provides the future access to the airport from the SH20 westbound motorway offramp at Cavendish Drive. Once this link opens it will enable us to commence our sequencing of works around the major intersections of Wiri Station Road and Lambie Drive which will use more than 300 TL-1 water filled barriers to provide the separation of workers and live traffic lanes.”

“Leighton’s are very safety conscious and very strict,” adds David. “Safety is paramount on their sites. Not only does Jeff order fully compliant barriers and crash cushions, his attention to detail is second to none. He ensures all barriers are filled with water, installed correctly, well maintained and replaced when damaged - with graffiti removed. Leighton's also insist that all contractors be inducted and wear full Personal Protection Equipment. Safe work zones have meant our drivers and installers have been safe on site delivering, installing and picking up barriers throughout the project.”

“The delivery of all the crash cushions and barriers to the various stages has been excellent with the installation and removal process, carried out by CSP staff, of a very high standard. Often there are tight timeframes to these safety devices being delivered at night on the motorway. Everything has gone very well and to plan,” adds Jeff.
Principle:New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
Contractor:Leighton Contractors
Location:SH20-1 Manukau Extension
Product:CSP’s Hire products
DateDecember 2010

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