Kilometres of hire barrier in use at the country’s two largest airports

There are a number of similarities between the SH20A to Airport project at Kirkbride Road Auckland and SH1 Russley Road, Christchurch with both projects on the list of Roads of National Significance; both being major intersections with serious congestion issues; both being the main access route to the city’s airport and both now featuring many kilometres of temporary hire barriers and Variable Message Signs from CSP.

SH1 Russley Road, Christchurch

The Memorial Avenue Intersection with Russley Road (SH1) is the primary access to Christchurch International Airport and, with the increase in commercial and industrial activity in the areas, additional traffic and congestion has been generated at peak times. To ensure businesses based outside Christchurch are able to get their goods to and from the airport, the increase to four lanes from Belfast to the centre of Hornby is intended to reduce congestion, improve safety and support economic growth.

The Traffic Management team at Downer, the main contractor for the project, has had their hands full with numerous traffic switches to ensure existing traffic flows continue during construction of the interchange.

“The Russley Road project has been running for about a year now and, as of today, we have about 668 ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier units on site, which makes it the largest hire project in the country,” says Mario Bennett, South Island Hire Manager for CSP. “A few years ago Downer also purchased a large number of units for themselves so in fact there are a lot more than 668 TL-2 units at the site.”

View video of construction as at September 2016 click here.

SH20A to Airport, Auckland

With 24 million people coming and going from Auckland every year, the future proofing of the main arterial to and from Auckland’s Domestic and International Airports is underway with the formation of a 580m long trench underpass to allow SH20A to pass under Kirkbride Road, creating a more efficient, safe and streamlined transport system.

The signalised intersection at SH20A/Kirkbride Road is particularly congested during peak travel periods, creating significant delays for traffic travelling to and from the airport.

Construction on the upgrade started in 2015 with CSP’s hire products required - and put to the test - from day one.

“Back in May 2015 one of our ABSORB Crash Cushions, installed on the end of temporary concrete barrier just past the Kirkbride intersection, was impacted when a motorist collided with it, turning it into a mangled pile of plastic,” says David Russell, National Hire Manager for CSP.

The full range of CSP’s hire product range is in use at Kirkbride including steel barrier, ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier, TL-1 Water-Wall Filled Plastic, ABSORB Crash Cushion, ADA Pedestrian Fence and Variable Message Signs.

“We expect our products to be on site for about another year,” says David. “This is an important and complex project, and we’re pleased we can provide the range and service required to address the traffic management needs of the project through all of its stages.”

View video of construction click here.

Principle:NZ Transport Agency
Contractors:Downer New Zealand & MHX Kirkbride Alliance
Location:SH1 Russley Road, Christchurch & SH20A to Airport, Auckland
Product:ArmorZone™ TL-2 Plastic Barrier & Variable Message Signs (VMS)
DateOctober 2016

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