Local BMX club says a big ‘thank you’ to CSP

With an upsurge in popularity in the mid 2000’s and the inclusion of BMX in the Olympic games, the Sunset Coast BMX Club decided that, to continue to grow their club and the sport, they needed a new venue. In 2007 the club was offered a piece of land at Puni, between Waiuku and Pukekohe in Franklin, to create a course to take them into the future.

The international-standard course was designed by Tony Takurua, Sunset Coast BMX Club President. “It was a huge task for us to get the track up and running,” explains Tony. “BMX is a minority sport in New Zealand which meant we needed to raise most of the money ourselves to build the new track.”

The first clod of dirt was turned on the land in March 2007 and by February 2010 the club hosted its first race meeting. During Easter 2010 the club hosted the New Zealand National Championships, the first major meeting held by the club in 30 years.

Since 2010 the venue has been utilised by BMXNZ to host the Pacific Oceanic Championships, the first time this event has been held in New Zealand for a decade. With two separate tracks - an amateur and elite course both constructed within the one design - the facility is the only one of its kind worldwide. It is now seen as the new benchmark at both club and international level.

“Getting the track completed and hosting an international event was the first stage, but without lights we could only utilise the track in daylight hours which made it hard for riders to train in the winter and to get the most out of the track,” says Tony. “We needed floodlights so we approached CSP to see if they could help in some way.”

“I ran it past our management team and we decided that we would help if we could,” explains Bruce Stephens, Sales Engineer for Auckland/ Northland for CSP. “After digging around in our stock we found we had Oclyte™ Floodlight Column components for 14.7m columns that we could give the club at a reduced price. We saw this as a worthwhile community project that we were able to be involved in and support.”

“We would have only been able to fund one lighting column had CSP not helped us with a hugely reduced price on the three columns we bought from them,” adds Tony. “Bruce has been very helpful. We are very grateful for the support CSP has given us in getting the first three columns installed. Once we raise more funds we will be able to complete the lighting project with three more columns.”

Tony is looking forward to the club holding the National Champs at Easter next year and being able to show off their newly lit track. The club will also host the next round of Olympic qualifying in January 2016.

Customer:Sunset Coast BMX Club
Location:Puni, Franklin
Product:Oclyte™ Floodlight Columns
DateOctober 2015

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