Max-Tension™ – slim and sleek

In September a major slip about 10kms north of Taihape on the country’s main arterial route SH1 covered half of the highway not only blocking one side completely but also taking with it the road side safety barrier and terminal end for this section of road.

Anthony Down from Anthony Down Fencing Ltd, who hold the road safety hardware maintenance contracts for Higgins Contractors in Palmerston North, were asked to put traffic management in place while the large slip was dealt with by Higgins Palmerston. “The slip covered half of SH1 so Higgins were onto it pretty quickly to get it cleared. The old guardrail and X-350 that had been in place were wiped out and urgently needed replacing.”

“Being the first time we had ever installed the MAX-Tension™ we took our time in getting it up and by the time we got to putting up the second one it went together really easily,” he says.

“The replacement of the old X-350 with the first MAX-Tension™ End Terminal was the first installation for Anthony of the MAX-Tension™ End Terminal ,” says Michael Beattie, Area Sales Manager for CSP. “Being a new product we made ourselves available to ensure Anthony and his team had all the help and parts they needed.”

“Mike and CSP were really great and Mike even came up to make sure everything went well,” adds Anthony. “He’s a really good guy and I can always rely on him to do what he says he’s going to do. There were no hitches at all with the installation. In fact I even think the new MAX-Tension™ End Terminal looks really good. It’s much slimmer and sleeker than the old system.”

Max-Tension™ Terminal End

The MASH compliant MAX-Tension™ End Terminal, with Sabertooth™ technology, features the next level of impact performance and an ultra-slim design.

The system utilises a tension-based design along with an energy absorbing coupler that features an all new cutting tooth design. When impacted head-on, deceleration is controlled by friction developed in the tension cables and by cutting the downstream guardrail panels. When a side impact occurs, tension cables can help safely redirect a motorist away from the hazard.

For more on MAX-Tension™ End Terminal click here.

Principle:NZ Transport Agency
Main Contractor:Higgins Contractors
Sub Contractor:Anthony Down Fencing
Consultant:WSP Opus
Location:SH1 – 10kms north of Taihape
Product:MAX-Tension™ End Terminal
DateNovember 2019

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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