Not just for show on Wellington’s Terrace Tunnel

CSP’s ArmorGuard™ Gate Barrier, installed just past the exit from Wellington's Terrace Tunnel in June 2009, has been continuously in use since December 2010 as an access to the tunnel during its refurbishment. The Terrace Tunnel is a vital part of the Wellington region’s transport network and to ensure the tunnel continues to operate effectively the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has been upgrading the tunnel along with the Mt Victoria Tunnel. The companies involved in the refurbishment project are NZTA, AECOM, Leighton Contractors and SKM - collectively known as the Wellington Tunnels Alliance.

“The work on the tunnel has been quite extensive and includes improved fire fighting, lighting, ventilation and drainage systems, building new tunnel control buildings and some earthquake safety improvements which will collectively extend the working life of the tunnel,” explains Kerry Godfrey, Construction Manager for the Wellington Tunnels Alliance. “It’s appropriate to make these changes now given the tunnel’s age and the advancements made to tunnel engineering since it was built over 30 years ago.”

Due to the extensive refurbishment work required it has been necessary for NZTA to close the tunnel five nights a week, Sunday to Thursday, from 8.05 pm to 5.55 am - excluding 10 days over the Christmas period - to access all parts of the tunnel and create a safe working environment for all.

“Once we receive notification that the tunnel is closed it takes six guys about 30 seconds to open the ArmorGuard™ Gate Barrier so our equipment can access the tunnel for work to begin for the night,” adds Kerry. “If we were required to move concrete barriers to access the site, which weigh about 7 tonne each, I would also need to have machinery on site and it would take considerably longer to access the tunnel. Due to the limited time we have to work at night, every minute we spend opening up our access to the site is time we are not spending on the refurbishments.”

“It’s a really great idea and it’s been so easy to use. It has certainly saved considerable time and money on this project.”
Principle:New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
Contractor:Wellington Tunnels Alliance
Location:SH1 Terrace Tunnel
Product:ArmorGuard™ Gate Safety Barrier
DateFebruary 2012

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