Nu-Guard® 31 Steel Guardrail system a hit with installers

The SH1 Northern Motorway extension known as ALPURT B2 opened to the public in January this year creating a four-lane highway from the Bombay Hills through to the Johnson Hill tunnel.

The NZTA has, since the opening of the extension, focused their attention on upgrading the section of road between Puhoi and Warkworth with safety features to match the $365 million new toll road, which carries between 12,000 and 14,000 vehicles daily.

New guardrail, terminal ends, road surfacing and increased shoulder widths are some of the safety features that have been installed to ensure the road handles the large volume of traffic travelling this section of SH1.

"It was necessary for this section of road to be upgraded in line with the standard of the new toll road," said Colin Dawson, Roading Engineer for Transfield Services. "When heading northbound the traffic requires 'calming' as it departs the new tunnel, so extensive work has taken place in upgrading the road barriers and terminal ends to achieve this."

During the winter months approximately 2 km of Nu-Guard® 31 Steel Guardrail system and 20 X-350 Terminal Ends were installed on either side of the road in sections typically 100 metres long.

"Our local installer for guardrail installations just loves fitting Nu-Guard® 31 as it is quick and easy to install," added Colin. "We find the advantages of using steel post barrier over timber are:

  • When driving the posts into the ground the steel post doesn't disturb or displace the soil
  • Delivery and handling costs are far less
  • We require less storage space to hold the product at our facility
  • With a smaller cross sectional area we lose a lot less of the roadway
  • It looks much better and tidier

Nu-Guard® 31 Steel Guardrail system is a great product and we use it wherever we can," says Colin.

Principal:New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)
Customer:Transfield Services Silverdale
Location:SH1 Puhoi to Warkworth
Product:Nu-Guard® 31 Steel Guardrail system and X-350 Terminal Ends

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