Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail selected again to complete seismic protection

Following the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 the Ministry of Education (MoE) urgently reviewed the safety of many of its schools - particularly in seismic hot spots such as Wellington. During this process the 90 year-old main classroom block of Wellington East Girls College was quickly identified as vulnerable meeting only 17 per cent of the national building standard. Amid concerns it wouldn't withstand a moderate earthquake, the board of trustees made the decision to clear the historic building with classes ceasing immediately. Four years later the MoE unveiled plans for the old block to be rebuilt whilst retaining the historic façade.

Improvements to the educational facility also included the replacement of a seismically unstable carpark with an engineered fill bank that provided additional land for the school along with improved sunlight and amenity to Wellington College below. To complete the safety works CSP’s Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail system was specified to safeguard vehicles and pedestrians from the steep new embankment.

“In 2016 a large section of CSP’s Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail system was installed at the new carpark,” says Gregor Lamont, Contracts Manager for barrier installer Tascon Limited. “Then, with the project nearing completion an additional area of driveway was identified as requiring vehicle barrier protection.”

“Because Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail system had been used for the rebuilt carpark embankment and driveway, and the MoE had liked the initial installation, they requested the product be used again. Michael Beattie, CSP’s Area Sales Manager - Central & Lower North Island, was very helpful even coming to site to assist with site measurements as the site was curving down the hill and on a gradient.”

“It’s a great system - it looks good and provides a good, simple, functional solution integrating vehicle and pedestrian safety.”

Four years on from the start of construction on Monday 20 May the ‘old’ new building, now aptly named ‘Matairangi’ (meaning vantage point), was officially opened and blessed.

The numbers:

  • 6000m²: the amount of new school floor area created
  • More than 850: the number of separate construction drawings for the project
  • 5000: the number of tiles used to replace original brick
  • 3m: the height added to the main block
  • 5: the number of existing buildings the new block will replace
  • 250,000 m³: the amount of rock moved from the site
Principle:Ministry of Education (MoE)
Consultant:Opus International Consultants Ltd
Installer:Tascon Ltd
Location:Wellington East Girls’ College
DateSeptember 2019

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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