Oclyte® Streetlight Columns - first choice for Downer

Auckland Transport has embarked on New Zealand’s most ambitious LED replacement programme which involves upgrading 44,000 high pressure sodium (golden yellow light) streetlights with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) luminaires (white light) over a four year period. The new maintenance contracts for Southern and Central Auckland – which also include a pole replacement programme – were awarded to Downer Construction in August last year. This will see all old concrete poles eventually replaced with brand new streetlight columns including a number of 6 or 8m Oclyte® Streetlight Columns from CSP.

With a road network of over 1,200kms which is lit by a street lighting network comprising 100,000 street lights, Auckland City has approximately one third of the country’s total lighting stock, and keeping them all functioning efficiently is a pretty big task.

As part of regular maintenance Auckland Transport is taking the opportunity to replace a large quantity of the old concrete poles with new, aesthetically pleasing Oclyte® Streetlight Columns when luminaires are upgraded to LEDs.

CSP’s Oclyte® modular steel columns comprise of a range of interchangeable octagonal tapered steel elements which friction fit together to provide the desired height between 3 and 18m. These steel galvanized octagonal sectional columns come in a number of mounting heights and installation options to suit any streetlighting requirements.

The new contracts have been in place for about eight months with Pat Watson, Operations Manager Northern for Downer ITS, and his teams working on pole replacements in the Papakura and Takanini areas.

“We have a very long, well established partnership with the Streetlight Maintenance team at Downer,” said Bruce Stephens, Sales Engineer Auckland/ Northland for CSP. “Pat and the Downer team have ordered about 100 columns since they started the new contract and have just placed another order for another 100.”

Auckland Transport’s Lighting Project

Phase one focuses mainly on residential roads which comprise approximately 60% of the region’s streetlighting network. The luminaire replacement project is expected to see net savings of $32 million over the 20-year design life of the LED luminaires. The LED technology - which is cheaper over time, safer and more efficient – will eventually be rolled out across the country.

Customer:Auckland Transport
Contractor:Downer Construction
Location:South and Central Auckland
Products:6m and 8m Oclyte® Streetlight Columns
DateApril 2016

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