Premier columns for a premier location

Adding to the extremely popular installation of CSP’s Laminated Timber columns for the Marine Parade the QLDC decided to continue with the theme for the Lake Esplanade and Beach Street upgrade.

This upgrade represented one of the most high profile projects undertaken by the Council in recent years. The Golden Mile (as it is known by the locals) and adjacent recreation reserve are important amenity features on the lakefront and it was imperative that the aesthetics of the finished project fit with the stunning environment.

“When it came to choosing a lighting option for this high profile location we contacted CSP as we have installed their timber laminated columns on Marine Parade - which we have been extremely happy with,” said Steve Hewland, Project Manager, QLDC. “The existing lighting along Lake Esplanade was substandard, allowing for the columns to be replaced by NZTA. It was the Council’s decision to spend the extra money to upgrade to CSP’s timber columns. We think they are absolutely worth it.”

“The Valmont range of columns are perfect for this type of locality,” says Hamish Brixton, Sales Engineer Poles – South Island for CSP. “Valmont in Finland is a specialist manufacturer of timber laminated columns and offers a range including: round, square, octagonal tapered columns that come in a variety of colours and with a very high quality external coating.”

With 16 new KOLI Timber Laminated columns, a new flag pole (INARI) at the war memorial museum, stormwater improvements, road resurfacing, new street furniture, fancy new rubbish bins, stairs down to the lake edge and pedestrian and cycling safety improvements – the upgrade has been labeled a success.

“We have received many positive comments from locals and businesses on the upgrade,” adds Steve. “The project was also a finalist in the RNZ Roading Excellence Awards 2011 proving how well this project has gone - not only in terms of completing it on time with the least disruption to Queenstown - but in the end result which is stunning.”

Council:Queenstown Lake District Council (QLDC)
Location:Lake Esplanade and the War Memorial, Queenstown
Product:Timber Laminated columns
DateDecember 2011

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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