Retrofit maximises the use of existing lighting poles

Security is fundamentally important across all walks of life to ensure the safety of people and possessions. And the best way to monitor the security of both is with CCTV surveillance cameras which is why Auckland Transport (AT), with some cleverly designed brackets from CSP, has retrofitted existing lighting poles in the city to do exactly that.

“We were asked to design a bracket to fit to existing poles so that surveillance equipment could be fitted,” says Lawrence Amos, Senior Product Engineer – Poles for CSP. “The structures are still sound and not due for replacement for many years so this clever retrofit offers AT the ability to add additional function to these poles.”

“AT is increasing the number of cameras installed throughout the city by something like 5000 over the next few years,” says Adrian Larkins, Operations Manager from CSL Infrastructure. “Using existing poles to fit cameras is a sensible and very effective way of increasing CCTV coverage of the city. The brackets Lawrence and the CSP team came up with are a very cost effective way of AT adding to the number of camera sites.”

The installation of the new cameras also allows for the surveillance of the city’s bus lanes. Buses move 70 people at a time and are much more efficient than cars when it comes to the transportation of people in and out of the city - 5000 people per hour in buses vs 1800 in cars using the two non-bus lanes. So keeping tabs on lane use – with the aim of reducing traffic congestion in the inner city – is key.

The cost of parking wardens is also a saving to AT with the new cameras programmed to send alerts about possible infringements, allowing staff to decide whether or not to prosecute with fines of up to $150.

Drivers beware!

Principle:Auckland Transport
Location:Queen Street, Auckland
Product:Brackets fitted to existing lighting poles
DateSeptember 2019

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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