Seesaw lighting column - a safer choice

Ten of CSP’s 8.5m Oclyte™ Seesaw Floodlight columns have recently been installed and are now in use at BP’s fuel storage terminal at Mt Maunganui. The terminal is operated and maintained by the New Zealand Oil Services Limited (NZOSL).

Taylor Watson, Mechanical Engineer for Aurecon (the consultants appointed by NZOSL), specified the use of CSP’s Seesaw Floodlight columns to support new LED floodlights which provide lighting to enable work to be completed safely during the hours of darkness. He chose the seesaw columns because of their ability to pivot, eliminating the hazards of working at height, a requirement of the BP Lighting Standard. The structural strength of CSP’s Seesaw Floodlight columns allowed for heavy rated floodlights to be mounted without additional reinforcement.

“The key benefit of the Seesaw columns is that they enable us to avoid working at height, removing any risk of falling and providing a safer operation as contractors complete tasks from ground level,” says Hadley Page, Terminal Manager for NZOSL. “It reduces the complexity of the risk assessment for the maintenance jobs and provides greater peace of mind to the work permit issuer.”

“Once lowered, repair and maintenance of the lights is easy,” says Will Young, Regional Sales Engineer – Central for CSP “The seesaw solution allows maintenance staff to adjust or maintain the lights at any time without the logistical issues and expense associated with crane hire.”

The Oclyte™ Seesaw Floodlight column design is ideal for parks and roadways with limited access. The range offers a simple, safe and effective method of luminaire maintenance that can be carried out by one or two people.

“The installation of the ten columns was straightforward and stress-free,” says Taylor. “Will from CSP was helpful and timely with all our queries during the installation.”
Principle:New Zealand Oil Services Ltd
Construction Contractor:ACME Engineering Ltd
Electrical Contractor:Clarkson Electrical Ltd
Consultant:Aurecon NZ Ltd
Location:Oil Terminal Mt Maunganui, Tauranga
Product:Oclyte™ Seesaw Floodlight column
DateDecember 2015

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