Solar Tower Light gets rave reviews

New to the CSP Hire® range the portable Solar Tower Light has received glowing reviews after a two day/night trial for the City Edge Alliance on the Waikato Expressway – Hamilton section.

Keith Smith, who was Traffic Manager for the City Edge Alliance prior to moving to an Auckland based role with Dempsey Wood, talks about the Solar Tower Light from CSP Hire® and how impressed he was with it.

“When Jeff Berriman from CSP Hire® asked me to trial the Solar Tower Light I was happy to do so as I was interested to see how it would perform,” says Keith. “We were about to do a traffic switch one night at the southern end of the project, at Bollard Road where it intersects with State Highway 1, after the paving team from Higgins had finished some road markings and paving. They had brought a couple of sets of their own hybrid traffic lights. They are partially battery run and have an engine as back up. We set the Solar Tower Light up in a good location and turned it on. It made the hybrid lights look like pocket torches. What I initially didn't realise was that I didn't even have it on full power. Once I found the switch the one light lit up the whole area - it was phenomenal.”

Keith says there were other advantages of using the Solar Tower Lights, in addition to only needing one to illuminate the whole area. “We start every night shift with a 30 minute tool box meeting where we discuss who is doing what, what we are aiming to achieve and what people need to be aware of. Having the solar light running while we had our meeting made it so easy to talk to everyone as it was noticeable that there was no noise from any generators. It was extremely helpful to ensure safety messages were clearly heard.”

Another key point to note Keith says is that in advance of undertaking a traffic switch at night, especially near urban areas, he needs to apply for a night works permit. “When we apply for a ‘night works permit’ from the local Council we need to stipulate what machinery we will be using that creates noise and may affect nearby residents. I don't need to include the Solar Tower Light as it doesn’t make any noise at all. It really helps with getting permits signed off.”

“We started the shift about 7pm and the lights were on all night - right through to 5am which is when we left to go home,” adds Keith. “They never waivered once and maintained full illumination all night. It was very impressive.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend this Solar Tower Light from CSP Hire® to any contractor who works at night. They are definitely impressive and really made the work so much easier.”

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City Edge Alliance

Location:Waikato Expressway – Hamilton section
DateAugust 2020

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