The best lit training grounds in Taranaki

Inglewood Rugby Club has been working on the addition of new and improved lighting for their training grounds for over two years. Finally, after receiving the required funding and obtaining approval from Council, four new 16.2m floodlight columns from CSP now light up the fields for local teams.

“It has taken quite some doing to get these lights installed, but worth it in the end,” says Keith Herbert, Managing Director of Herbert Electrical – a local who volunteered his time free of charge to install the lights to help out his local rugby club. “We have sponsored the club for many years so when they came to us for assistance with this project we were happy to help.”

Funding for projects for smaller rugby unions is always difficult so the Inglewood Club applied for, and received, a grant from the Taranaki Electrical Trust with the balance required raised by club members.

Once the club had their finances together they then had to meet Council requirements for spill lighting (lighting that falls outside the area where it is needed) which may affect nearby residents. In addition, the health of the trees and their root systems, surrounding the installation, was considered.

“Once Keith and Murray Rook from Stewart Electrical, our customer, had everything signed off and ready to go we were able to finally supply the columns,” says Jeremy Malender, Sales Engineer for CSP.

The four new 16.2m columns produce three times the light of the old columns and are significantly taller. “CSP quoted us two years ago and were the better price at the time,” says Murray Rook from Stewarts Electrical. “They have been very good about all the delays and also were good enough to hold the price for us, which everyone really appreciated.”

“With the help of a local crane operator to lift the columns into place and CSP for sticking with us for the last two years we finally had the columns installed about 10 weeks ago,” adds Keith. “We had hoped to have them up before the start of the season but at least everyone will get a few months use of them before rugby season finishes. Inglewood’s training grounds now have the reputation of being the best lit grounds in Taranaki!”
Customer:Stewarts Electrical
Main contractor:Herbert Electrical
End User:Inglewood Rugby Club
Product: 16.2m Floodlight Columns
DateAugust 2013

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