Wild weather prompts a review of assets by Transpower

In a wild patch of weather that swept over the country in August last year a lightning strike on one of Wellington’s iconic wind sculptures - situated along Cobham Drive in Evans Bay - caused it to explode. The structure was completely destroyed with the event prompting agencies across Wellington to review their infrastructure to ensure the protection of precious assets in such circumstances.

“All our equipment is subject to protection from lightning strikes due to their height,” explains Chris Van Lent from Transfield Services. “But we decided to review it and identified that the lighting columns at the Wilton Substation, after doing some windage calculations due to the fact it's a particularly windy elevated site, may not be strong enough to deal with a decent storm like the one that took out the wind sculpture. We asked CSP to beef up the design of the columns, which includes lightning rods, as it is imperative that we protect the high voltage equipment in the power substation from strikes and make them strong enough to deal with a decent storm.”

“I received a call from Chris who asked us to redesign the standard 17.8m Flood Light Columns for use at the Wilton Substation because of the high wind factor at the site,” says Jeremy Mallender, Sales Engineer for CSP. “The two columns are now installed and will act as a buffer to protect the Wilton Substation in future storms.”

“Jeremy and the team at CSP were very good at getting the design and manufacture sorted for us,” adds Chris.

Principle:Transpower New Zealand
Customer:Transfield Services
Location:Wilton Substation, Wellington
Product:Modified 17.8m Floodlight Columns
DateFebruary 2015

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