WRC hosts night game thanks to CSP’s lighting columns

With a study undertaken in 2012 identifying a major shortfall in sports field capacity, particularly for training, Auckland Council’s Sports Field Development programme was established with $190m set aside to invest over 10 years. The programme includes the development, upgrade and renewal of sports fields across the Auckland region with Centennial Park, home of the Wellsford Rugby Club, being among them.

“We have been involved in supplying Oclyte® Floodlight Columns to a number of contractors for parks throughout the Auckland Region this year to enable clubs to get more use of their grounds - especially in winter for rugby clubs,” says Bruce Stephens, Sales Engineer - Auckland/Northland for CSP. “Davco Electrical is a major contractor for Auckland Council in the Northern Auckland region and has undertaken a number of sports field lighting upgrades including Centennial Park, Wellsford.”

Prior to the upgrade the Wellsford Rugby Club’s main ground had no lighting with only minimal lighting available on its adjacent field.

“We fitted six 14.7m flange mounted Oclyte® Floodlight Columns with 28 luminaires which has lit the main ground to enable the club to now allow teams to train at night,” said Dave Morrison, Director of Davco Electrical.

With the Council wanting Centennial Park to be multi-use, installation of re-locatable columns – designed specifically to be moved between a winter/rugby location and then moved to a ‘parking site’ during Summer’s cricket season – was required. “This type of column is more difficult to install but it does mean that the ground can be used all year round,” adds Dave.

“We find dealing with CSP very easy,” he says. “Lawrence Amos for instance has even brought out parts in his own time to ensure we could keep going. I find that level of service really great.”

“Davco are a very efficient contractor and, because of their vast experience in this field, we find it very easy to work alongside them,” adds Bruce. “The installation has meant that for the first time ever Wellsford hosted a night NPC game, Northland vs Counties in June. This programme is great for local sporting communities and we are very happy to be involved.”

What will Auckland get out of the project?

By the end of the programme, Aucklanders will be able to enjoy an additional 2,476 training hours per week through:

  • 66 fields with drainage improvements
  • 134 new sand carpet fields
  • 139 fields with new training lights and
  • 37 new artificial turf fields.
Customer:Auckland Council
Contractor:Davco Electrical
Location:Centennial Park, Wellsford
Product:14.7 flange mounted Oclyte® Floodlight Columns
DateDecember 2016

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