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The Auckland CBD power failure in 1998 left the Auckland central business district with minimal power for three weeks and shortages and restrictions for another month. With this and other serious power outages in the North Island in the past 20 years, Transpower's North Auckland and Northland (NAaN) grid upgrade project is a further step in improving the resilience of electricity networks and will help bolster the reliability of supply for Auckland’s 1.3 million residents.

The $415 million NAaN project consists of 37kms of new underground cable laid between Albany and Pakuranga and will address Auckland's reliance on the single transmission line between Otahuhu and Henderson.

“We have been awarded one section of this contract and are installing about 7km of underground ducting between Pakuranga and Penrose substations under existing roads,” says Jim Murdoch, Traffic Management Manager for JFC Ltd.

Working in deep trenches to install the underground ducts, the JFC team are pouring concrete to encase a ducting that will eventually hold the cable which, when operating, will generate considerable amounts of heat. “We are working on existing, live roads and the safety of our team is paramount,” says Jim. “So I contacted Mario from CSP Hire division to help me with traffic management.”

“We have a range of products on this job site with our new VMS boards, TL-1 Water-Wall barriers, TL-2 ArmorZone™ barriers, TL-4 BarrierGuard 800 and ABSORB 350 crash cushions. This includes the specialised installation of the BarrierGuard,” said Mario Bennett, Hire Sales Engineer. “The safety of workers is paramount to the success of this project, and we were more than happy to be of assistance.”

“In all the time I have dealt with CSP I always get a response to my phone calls and messages,” explains Jim. “Sometimes we need things at short notice and every time I ask for something, difficult or not, the response is ‘Yep no problem.’ If there is ever a problem I never hear about it. Richie, Mario and the guys are absolutely brilliant. It certainly makes my job easier having them as a supplier.”

Jim advises that work on the Pakuranga and Penrose section of the NAaN project should be completed towards the end of 2013.

Principle:Transpower New Zealand
Contractor:United Gooder Ltd (UGL)
Sub Contractor:JFC Ltd. (John Fillmore Contracting)
Location:Pakuranga to Penrose section of NAaN project
Product:Variable Message Boards (VMS), TL-1 Water-Wall, TL-2 ArmorZone™, TL-4 BarrierGuard 800 and ABSORB Crash cushions
DateOctober 2012

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