High praise for Sentry II Water Cable Barrier and 100W Solar Power Light

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Tauranga, a city on the move, claimed the title as the top-performing city in New Zealand in 2017. And with growth comes the need for a safe and effective transport system to provide access to the city’s expanding population and industry, with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Baypark to Bayfair Link project aims to do just that.

With such a massive undertaking over a number of years traffic management on the project has meant the use of hundreds of temporary barriers to keep things moving for more than 30,000 vehicles per day and to ensure the safety of motorists, members of the public and road workers.

Although the contractors for the construction of the project their own supply of temporary barriers, the CSP Hire® team are often called on to supply adtional barriers and lighting.

“They do have their own temporary barriers but when I told them about the new MASH Sentry II Water Filled Barrier - which can operate in a tight radius – they decided to try it on site and have been very pleased with the it's performance,” says Jeff Berriman, North Island Manager for CSP®. “It is being used in a tight curve on the two roundabouts and it works really well. They have commented that it is also very easy to connect and reconnect due to the locking pins enabling easier traffic switches which are often required.”

Jeff says that on the roundabouts the barrier is regularly side swiped by truck and trailer units and that it does its job very well and hardly moves.

As the work has progressed CSP Hire® has also supplied their 100W Solar Power Light. “The contractor has three of these lights along the project and is using them as temporary road lighting. It’s amazing the level of light they produce and the area they cover. They are perfect for this type of scenario.”

The project:

  • Stage one of the project began in 2015 which included moving the railway line, installing a noise wall, relocating services, moving houses and constructing retaining walls.
  • In May 2017 stage two of the project kicked off with completion of the new link over the following three to four years.
  • The upgrade to the Baypark to Bayfair Link will provide improvements to the SH2/SH29A and complete the eastern corridor for the Bay of Plenty.
Project:Baypark to Bayveiw Link
DateDecember 2020

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