September 2019
Nu-Guard® PVB® Steel Guardrail selected again to complete seismic protection

Following the Christchurch earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 the Ministry o...

September 2019
Nu-Guard® Steel Guardrail System installed in record time in Wellington

The compact nature of Wellington City and its geological location mean...

September 2019
Retrofit maximises the use of existing lighting poles

Security is fundamentally important across all walks of life to ensure...

July 2019
CSP’s Armorwire Wire Rope Barrier separates cars from kids

Armorwire® Wire Rope Barrier is a legacy productA long, straight 80km...

July 2019
CSP’s Steel Multi-plate™ - a fish friendly option for the Waikato Expressway

What is 75m long, 5m wide and has 13,000 bolts? A Steel Multi-plate™...

July 2019
TraFix Water Cable Barrier a superior option to cones

The ever-increasing demand for housing in Auckland continues to see ne...

May 2019
Nu-Guard® - warehouse pedestrian safety at Winstone Wallboards

While CSP’s range of road barrier products are doing their job acros...

May 2019
Proof in the pudding - Multi-plate™ Arch - a good option for seismic zones

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Kaikoura in November 2016 - o...

May 2019
Super•Cor™ Arch – fast, easy and cost effective

Construction of New Zealand’s first Super•Cor™ Arch first began ...

Bridge Rail from CSP® makes for a good looking retrofit!

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